What is vulnerability?

Vulnerability according to the Oxford dictionary is the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

I believe that vulnerability is one’s biggest strength.

What situations make you feel vulnerable in life? Is it;

  • Fear or weakness
  • Self-doubt
  • Other situation, let me know in the comments

I for one believe that being truly vulnerable in whatever aspect makes you stronger. There is that saying that “when you hit rock bottom, the only direction you gotta go is up, so make sure not to stay down even if you have to fake it to make it., been there.

I also believe that being vulnerable helps you learn your problem areas and be able to improve and that with vulnerability comes courage. Unless you are vulnerable, want something bad enough do you realize that you need to make changes in your way of life or approach.

I recently moved to Montreal, almost exactly a year ago now, when I came to Montreal I didn’t know that I would spend a year here. A lot of things have happened along the way with family, friends, and life as we know it.  This was the most trying time of my life, quitting my job and having no source of income but somehow survived while working on a completely new project in a completely new environment with minimal resources. My point is we all have crazy things going on in our lives that set us back ten steps after making 2 steps forward so you gotta fight back, slowly and majestically, baby steps.

There are so many aspects of life that make me vulnerable; finances, family, health, body image, etc. I decided to quit my job and start from scratch last year (August 2017, I had no clue what I was going to do with my life but I took a leap of faith. Today I have created a community with the blog, an ebook, youtube channel, to help inspire, educate and motivate people. I know this is mostly a food and wellness blog and that is how I choose to make a difference or impression in this world.

Let yourself be vulnerable it brings out the warrior in you.


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