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Hi, I am Sheila creator of madammebae. I am a fit foodie, lifestyle and wellness blogger, youtuber and content creator. I love food and creating healthier alternatives to unhealthy foods, healing naturally, finding home remedies and encouraging people to listen to their bodies and eat intuitively.

I used to be overweight and in 2015 after so many failed diets and weight loss attempts, I decided to go on a personal self-understanding, self-learning, and self-loving journey. Slowly by slowly I learned about healthy and cleaning eating which I implemented at my own pace and eventually lost weight. I have managed to keep the weight off through healthy eating and have created an ebook with healthy recipes, tips and how to start your health and weight loss journey.

Everyone has their own process and that why I encourage people to learn about their bodies and that everyone is different. I offer one on one support both personally and in my facebook support group, feel free to contact me.

MadammeBae is a community of ladies and some gentlemen, that motivates and empowers people to be and learn how to appreciate and love themselves. Through self-understanding, you get to love yourself and take care of yourself better in all different aspects of life, be it emotional, physical or psychological.


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