Are you tired of fad diets?

Do you struggle with cravings?

Do you struggle with sticking to diets?

Do you struggle with binge or stress eating?

Do you want to get healthy?

Do you want to feel confident?

Do you want to fit in your old clothes?

Do you want to get your sexy back?

Most of us already know what it takes to lose weight because we have some research or maybe we have tried and we still haven’t got the results we want. One of the biggest reasons is because we are not in the right space of mind. We need to get a brain ready and that is done by changing your mindset.

Mindset doesn’t only apply to starting your weight loss journey, It is also important for staying on track and improving your relationship with food as well as weight loss.

Like the muscle, the brain needs constant conditioning in order to be in the right place to help. In the Weight Loss From Scratch program, we practice mindset change by creating new habits to help you achieve your goals. This formula works not only with weight loss but with other aspects of life like relationships, lifestyle, finance etc.

  • You tried all the diets available, only to lose weight and gain it back because the diet was too restrictive so when you were done your body couldn’t adjust to a regular routine.
  • You bought all the supplements supposed to help you lose fat and give you the energy to work out but they didn’t work, and they made you feel sick and moody.
  • You have joined amazing programs but were not able to finish the whole program because of lack of motivation and accountability

I know exactly how you feel because that used to be me, I tried all shortcuts and quick fixes, tried pills, starving myself, even went as far as chocking myself after eating so the food could come out. I have been through a lot when it comes to weight loss, and that is why I feel the need to give back and help other people like me.

I know many of us pay for all these products that promise to help you lose weight, without understanding how they work, some of these pills are not good for you because they are too strong for our organs and we waste so much money hoping to lose weight which in turn never happens.

Weight loss is more mental than physical and for it to happen you need to be in the right mental space. Everything has to be in alignment, that us; mental, physical and emotional state.

The weight loss from scratch program was created as a result of personal struggles as well as those of clients I have worked with one on one. I developed easy to follow step by step instructions that have helped a number of ladies and I decided to share with the rest of the world because I know weight loss can be overwhelming.

REMEMBER: It is not a diet its a lifestyle, it’s not a destination, its a journey, it’s not a sprint, its a marathon. I think you get it. I want to help you get from I CANT, to MAYBE, to I CAN.


Have lost weight

Fit in your favorite clothes that didn’t fit before

Feel sexy and confident

Are healthier than ever

Are more energetic

Have an amazing skin and hair

Feeling better, happy and positive about life